Saturday, 23 January 2010

... And I keep time inside of my head...

I've just started a part-photographic part-digital project with an up-and-coming indie band called Constallation. The Goat and I have been out scouting for good locations for a photo shoot.

In the meantime I have played around a little on my computer and created some related band name banners... In retrospect they're a bit too "electro" for the band in my mind, would rather add a dash more "indie" to the mix... also the font could be a bit better.

Click either image to go to the band's current myspace page and check out their music.

Friday, 15 January 2010

I'd rather be with an animal,

As of recently I have been giving some graphic based assistance to an animal adoption outfit known as All Animal Rescue.
Their website is now live, with some slight changes to the original brief, by the end of the project the design brief had altered slightly due to certain restrictions but my designs altered with said restrictions as time went on.

Below are some of the potential graphics, and proposed concepts leading to the final product.

Initial designs:

Graphic/Logo design when colour scheme was established:

Potential concept web design:

Final colour scheme and website banner: