Tuesday, 9 March 2010

*Click* I'm stealing your flash *Click*

So the shoot is over and the hand-in of the first few shots is iminent.(As of this moment)

The shoot itself was tremendous fun and the Constellation guys were a very patient and entertaining bunch to have as models. Due to poor weather we decided that "studio" shots were likely to be the best bet to start the day and after a short set-up period we were storming through the shots.

Having seen the shots now it's easy to see where the "studio"(Setup in my lounge) could've been prepared a little better. Certainly the muslin sheet that formed a background wasn't the perfect material and the lighting in some shots wasn't setup quite right, however when it was setup right the lights performed well, which is reassuring.

Anyway, as soon as the studio shots were more or less done and hunger pains were getting the best of us all, the weather seemed to clear up a bit, so we all decided to give some external photos a quick go with the remaining daylight and time we had left. So we legged it down to Throop Mill.

I have to say I think the external shots came out really very well considering the short amount of time spent on them and hopefully I'll shall be shooting some more "on-location" shots with the band in the near future.

Here is a selection of some of the shots.


I've also had a little time to play around with the photographs and come up with some graphics. This particular set is a little too colourful possibly.

Constellation in spaaaaace!

This next one is an experiment arranging the various individual shost into a compilation shot. It's a pretty rough concept though but I like it and will be making a clean version of it soon.


If you want to hear some of their music they can currently be found here.