Monday, 3 May 2010

Scribble of the Week #004

My sketch books are forever filled with random mind-scrawlings and scribbles that will otherwise never be used for anything or be seen by anyone, because of this I bring you "Scribble of the week".

Scribble of the week is a weekly feature(on and off probably) where i'll be posting a random sketch, scribble, design or element from one of my various sketch books. These will always be unfinished pieces of work and will often, most likely, be very eclectic.

 Should have a none "SotW" update this week as i'm just finishing up a bunch of portraits and concept artwork to post but for now here is the most recent scribbling from my sketchbook. It's a concept really crossing ladybirds and faeries together, I also liked the idea of working on a fantasy piece with a "Macro" background.

So far it's called Ladybird and Blackberries for obvious reasons... in my head it looks pretty good in colour.