Sunday, 18 July 2010

'Cold Contagious'

I was hoping to make a slightly different post today as I was meant to be doing a photography shoot for the talent Brothers Grimmer this afternoon. Disapointingly a sickness has taken me and my family and so the shoot has not come to pass. Hopefully I'll catch up with the band later in the week or so.

Not wanting to waste my time feeling sorry for myself however I wrapped myself up in a blanket, grabbed a hot water bottle, a pile of medicine and suitable supplies of tissues for blowing my nose with and decided to catch up on some work requested by All Animal Rescue to design the wraparound graphics for their collection tins.

I went with a couple of fairly basic concepts, layout and content is still to be discussed but these are my two intial concepts(before criticism and change requests.)

In response to these designs a further request for a banner design was made based on the second design from above.