Tuesday, 31 August 2010

"I bite my thumb at thee..."

This bank holiday weekend I took my family out to see the jousting at Lulworth castle so that we might see some acts of chivalry and so on and so forth.

The crowd itself exerted no real attempt at displaying any amount of chivalry and so we actually had to leave fairly early on in the event because there was no space or patience present for our little toddler but I did manage to get some shots before we escorted our dear son over to the animal farm that was somewhat more civil.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Once upon a time...

http://www.wip-tricky.com/2010/08/once-upon-time.html#moreSo this weekend past I went down to Throop village with a camera under my arm and a lighting kit over my shoulder to meet up with Matt(Aka Guru Grimmer) to take some photographs of the Brothers Grimmer.

Once there I begun setting up my gear and chatting with the other guys. Lee(Empup Grimmer), Mike(Macko Grimmer), Shawn(Bobo Grimmer) and Steven(Teflon Grimmer) each of them had tons of character and were great fun to shoot.

It was a bit fiddly setting up my "portable-studio" kit in the hall due to tall, angled ceilings but I got it set up... suitably enough and started throwing band members infront of my lens.
Very little direction was needed with these guys to get some excellent shots so it was mostly down to my own abilities at photography to get some good images in frame.

After a couple of hours or so of backdrop shots the guys got back to practicing. So I took the oppurtunity to practice some live action band photography with admittedly mixed results but with some experimentation with lighting and various exposure settings I think I got some good results.

Click here to see more from the shoot.