Sunday, 19 September 2010

"... like a river running through. Running through you..."

Today I witnessed a New Forest Drift.
I went along with some friends who have horses of their own on the New Forest. The Drift is an event where horses and ponies on the forest are rounded up to a pen where they can be branded, wormed and collared, etc. It's quite a spectacle but not an event for the general public for general safety reasons and for the succesful completion of the work that needs to be done without interference.

I got lots of photographs that I am, in equal measure, pleased with and disapointed with. I've not had lots fo experience taking action shots so I didn't mange to get the best shots otu of some of the frames I composed but on the positive side I did get some I was more than happy with.

These first few images are of the round-up itself.

After the horses got rounded up into the pen I had the oppurtunity to get very close up with them and get some truely unique photographs. I dived in with my old manual 50mm f/1.8 lens, as I consider it the best glass I have currently. The dappled sunlight coming through the trees gave both interesting and problematic lighting for the various shots I'd try to line up.