Saturday, 4 September 2010

What's this? What's this?

I recently got a few more gizmos and gadgets for my camera, some close up filters to go on the lens and an extension tube among other thigs. I decided to have an experiment with these amateur augmentations and see what sort of images I could squeeze out of my camera with them. So I set my miniature photo studio up on the kitchen table, got my lighting sorted (two constant lights on either side and a flashgun) and suddenly found myself lacking anything to snap at.

When doing "studio" macro photography for the first time with such equipment for no real reason other than fun(on this occasion) it becomes hard to think of what to do. I assumed I'd want something with an interesting texture or with interesting features worth zooming in on, possibly something colourful but i'd already resolved to not use flowers as my subject matter.
With a hesitation for thought and inspiration I grabbed up an old stone dragon statue I was given as a gift once and a couple of high quality Nightmare Before Christmas toys that I bought a few years earlier to which I got the below results.

Regrettably this first shot has a slight motion blur to it as my hand must've shaken, most shots were taken with a tripod however.

The last two shots show the same dragon statue, one normal shot(taken to experiment with exposure settigns with flash) and the second one taken with the extension tubes so as to get a close up on the texture of the item.