Thursday, 2 December 2010

Photograph of the Week #013

When not scribbling away in a sketch book or dabbling on a Wacom tablet i'm invariably fiddling around with exposure settings on my Nikon D90 trying to capture moments in aesthetically pleasing ways.
So here we have "Photograph of the week" a weekly feature showcasing my favourite photo of the week.

So it snowed in Bournemouth.

A fairly rare event this far south in England but apparently becoming more common in recent years. Last year I mostly missed my oppurtunity to get some quality photographs of the fresh and suprisingly quantifiable amount of snow but this year I promised myself, no matter what happens, if it snows, i'm going to capture it.

And so I did, despite having the car in the garage for a service and MOT which had 3 days worth of delays put on it, despite not being able to wriggle out of having to put overtime in at my day job and despite the poor state of the roads in my vicinity making the drive to anywhere at all an adventure in itself involving side-wise driving, downhill auto-mobile-sledging and "car-curling". Despite all of this I managed to sneak out half an hour before sunset, to an area less explored in the treacherous weather conditions, and shoot off some photographs i'm quite happy with before the last remaining light of the day disapeared.

So here is my personal pick of the bunch for this weeks PotW. :)