Friday, 4 February 2011

Here there be dragons....

I've semi-recently been working on a project that requires a lot of fantasy based graphics.

All of the usual things Elves, Human, Orcs, Dwarves, etc. I'm trying to go for a lot of detail where possible and as you can see all of these images are in very early stages of development, some a lot more than others. A couple are very much at the "Sketching" phase really but that's what this website is all about, my "Works in progress"

The most complete image so far is the Female Elf mage(above right) it still has more work to be done at this stage but it certainly has the most developed background so far.

The current plan is to cover the main four races, with two basic classes, fighter and spell caster and a male and female version of each. For each race there will be one background which will set a theme and I'm trying to impress a fairly different them or tone with each race.

As of yet I haven't started on dwarves, I've got some pretty solid ideas but they're a pretty tough bunch to represent well.