Saturday, 19 February 2011

"Life has a way of opening up..."

This week i've been working on a very quick project with a three day deadline for a new client by the name of Monks Secrets. A site offering various tools, advice and knowledge on how to meditate properly and most beneficially.

The project involved the creation of appropriately themed graphics to be used for logos, banners/banner ads and an e-book cover. We went through various types of fonts to get to the one decided on in the end that both gave an impression of where teh techniques draw their inspiration and knowledge from whilst also implying a sense of mystery or secrecy. Two fonts were used to serve this purpose, to form a distinction between the two.

The colours used are purposely meant to be calming, variants with high contrasts in the sunset contradicted this intent however, often giving the impression that an explosion or mushroom cloud was erupting in the background.
However the sunset background lends itself perfectly for the purpose of putting the foreground elements into shillouettes. Again the advantage of this is to invoke a sense of mystery whilst simultaneusly not drawing any attention away from the text.

The design process threw up several concepts, here are some fo the tidier/tidied up ones;

And the final images that made the cut.

To check out their products their website can be found here.