Saturday, 19 March 2011

Mupe Bay: One step forward and two steps back

I went on a little adventure this weekend with a friend of mine who is also like to do photography. I've been to a fair number of the places in and around Dorset that have good views to offer but I recently heard of somewhere new. A place named Mupe Bay.
To search for it on the internet tends to bring up some nice photographs of the area but not much else so I wanted to see it for myself.

The bay is only really accessable via a coastal walk from the far more well known Lulworth Cove unless you have a boat so I expected a hike over cliff tops. To ensure we got good shots I assumed a time when the tide was out would potentially best so I planned to arrive at Lulworth with the tide in, assuming the time taken to walk to the Bay would be enough for the tide to go back out again.

Sadly on arrival it became clear that when the tide is in the best path for us to take would be blocked, forcing us to make a detour that we thought would be suitable but turned out to be half in the wrong direction and instead of being the quickest route to the clifftop turned out to be the slowest possible route to the otherside of the cove. Dejected by our failure to get that much right we ended up focusing our efforts on Lulworth Cove for the rest of the morning.

Mupe Bay will have to wait for another day but this is the closest we got to photographing anything there.

Some early morning mist still hanging around and a mere glimpse of Mupe Bay can be spotted over the cliff side.

Upon hitting this unfortunate barrier that forced us back down from the large clifftop back down to Lulworth Coves beach we turned our attention to the Cove proper.