Sunday, 20 March 2011

Shooting night into day

A couple of months ago I was linked to an article about a certain kind of photography where the objective is to make a night time shot look like day.
It's a simple premise, a long exposure on a moonlit night that brings out the blue in the sky and still illuminates all the scenery down below. Some of the images created from such a technique are truely impressive.

I've been having a stab at it for a few weeks now but with little success, often just getting my settings all wrong or completely failing to manage to focus on anything. The thoery is you focus on infinity but this is very easy to get wrong as just turning the focusing ring all the way to one side won't do the job.

Anyway, last night, whilst the moon is nearer, fuller and brighter than it has been for last twenty years I finally got some results I'm happy with. Admittedly I think my ISO settings were a bit too high so there's more grain in the images than i'd like but now i'm more comfident with my technique I will happily bring that setting down a bit.(resulting in longer shutter speed times)