Monday, 25 April 2011

Mupe Bay: Part 3 The return to Mupe

This weekend I had yet another trip to Mupe Bay. This time accompanied by a couple of friends and this time after having done some research.

Sun rise was apparently at 5:55am, giving the distance to Lulworth Bay by car and how far it is necessary to walk we got up at 4:30am to make sure we got there in time.

We got there at the very second of sun rise.

Essentially though, too late to do the kind of photography I wanted to do. However with the wind as strong as it was I likely could not have done a long exposure as I would have liked anyway.

We made the most of the trip, taking photographs from early to mid-morning whilst simultaneously taking shelter from the wind by loitering around specific areas of the bay that shielded us the most from it.
As a result I took the following photographs, among others.

I spotted the guys on the way up but had no time to stop so as to give us the best chance of making the bay before dawn, however on the way back I made sure to take a few snaps of them. I assume they were just hatching that very morning.

And some rock pools back in Lulworth bay