Sunday, 15 May 2011

Photograph of the Week #0031

 "When not scribbling away in a sketch book or dabbling on a Wacom tablet i'm invariably fiddling around with exposure settings on my Nikon D90 trying to capture moments in aesthetically pleasing ways.
So here we have "Photograph of the week" a (mostly) weekly feature showcasing my favourite photo of the week."

During my past attempts at photographing stars i've had various stabs at "shooting-the-moon" which i've repeatedly failed at. I looked up some tips that advised shooting the moon as if it's broad daylight, an object lit directly by the sun, as it is, so just take a manual shot with that in mind.
I'm happy with the results, finally I got a shot where you can make out the details in the moons surface.

It really does take quite small things to cheer me up.