Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Scribble of the Week #008

My sketch books are forever filled with random mind-scrawlings and scribbles that will otherwise never be used for anything or be seen by anyone, because of this I bring you "Scribble of the week".

Scribble of the week is a weekly feature(on and off probably) where i'll be posting a random sketch, scribble, design or element from one of my various sketch books. These will always be unfinished pieces of work and will often, most likely, be very random.

I'm not too good at keeping up to date with my Scribbles of the week in comparison to my photos but that does not mean i'm not scribbling. I'll try to get more on the ball in the coming weeks but no promises. :)

For now though, my current work-in-progress is actually an extension of a previous post. This is apiece of art depicting my boy and his awesome mount and travelling companion the Alphabetepillar.

As always with these pieces it's very much a work-in-progress. The background is miles off and more shading/highlighting/details and such needs to be done with a splash more colour but still.