Friday, 6 April 2012

Dawn at Kimmeridge 02

Another Dawn trip down to the Bay. This time with my new wide angle lens.

Things did not go quite to plan however. According to the met office this morning would be the last day of decentish weather for the next week and the firing ranges were opened for the Easter holidays which should've given me the opportunity to explore a litte further along the coast to get some slightly different shots. However I failed to check the tide times so halfway through the morning it became clear (on reviewing the photos i'd taken so far) that  the rockpools I was intending to shoot were fairly quickly disapearing and, if i wanted any guarantee of making it back to my car without getting my feet wet before I go to work, i'd best leave immediately.

For my first test run with a new lens I'm quite happy. I got a suprising amount of stars and am hoping to do the same again soon. It's slightly disapointing that my exposures were just a little too long to avoid minor star-trailing but I've done my research now and should be able to avoid it in future.
There's also a disapointingly large volume of noise in the images which i'm currently researching how to compensate for.
I haven't yet worked out what colour temperature to apply to the images so you'll likely notice some slightly different colour tints.
All of these photos are taken at night, nothing but the full moon for illumination.

The next few photos were taken whilst I explored the purbecks after leaving the bay