Monday, 2 April 2012

Dawn at Kimmeridge

For the past couple of weeks the weather in the UK has been particularly good. I couldn't help but take advantage of this and after doing a test run one weekend I worked out I could get to some pretty good photographic locations at dawn, set up, take some shots, pack up again and still make it on time for work.

This has meant I've ended up spending most mornings over the past few days sat on a rock at Kimmeridge Bay, watching the sunrise behind Clavell Tower in the Isle of Purbecks and... once every few minutes, adjusting my camera settings.

It's been great to see this part of the country at this time fo the day. I'm not really even sure what inspired me to start making the trips but i'm very glad for doing it and, weather permitting and whether the MOD allow acces to the firing ranges I will continue to do so.