Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunset at Mupe Bay

Last night I decided to do the opposite of what I've been doing previously and instead of going to a location before dawn I would go after sunset.
The weather reports looked like clear skies, albeit with a bit of cloud.
This time I decided to revisit Mupe Bay as the firing ranges would be open and I decided it'd likely be sufficiently shrouded from local light pollution.

In preparation for the trip I did buy some hand-warmers and a torch and found I only needed the torch really, you work up quite a heat whilst hiking over those cliffs when approaching Mupe Bay and I left before the temperature really dropped for the night. The only downside to the evening was it was quite a bit cloudier than I would've hoped.

I got some nice shots early on but eventually left, not due to cold or wind as I thought would be the cause, but simply because the stars ended up covered by cloud. That said I now know what's involved in the trip and am much more confident for planning many more trips in the weeks to come. (firing range open times permitting of course)

That's not a sunset sadly, that's light pollution from Swanage which is about 12 miles away
I caught this by accident, I didn't notice it until I reviewed the photo that initially caught it, then I quickly adjusted my settings so I could grab it's full trajectory until it went out of sight.
It is not a shooting star, though i would love it to be, I'm also certain it's not a plane as I'm sure it wiggled from side to side a bit when observing it by eye. My best guess is that it was one of those floating lanterns you can buy.
For this one I just wanted to get a shot with many stars in to make sure I was understanding the rule of 600 better.
Previously I was calculating based on the focal range of the lens rather than the effective focal range that the cameras sensor gives you.(D90's aren't full frame cameras after all)

I also had my first experiment in time-lapsing some photographs together.
It's only a few frames and just over a second but I think I can see enough to know I've got the hang of it. When on location it's hard to commit to a timelapse because it takes sooooo much time that you're eagerly wanting to spend photographing other things.