Monday, 16 July 2012

A night at Horton Tower

Another clear-night's sky.
It had been forecast by the met-office to be clear between 22:00 to 01:00.
I tend to take the forecasts with a pinch of salt these days with a 60% probability that what is stated to occur will happen as expected.
Accepting there is a 40% chance that the weather will change for the worse is good preparation for disappointment.

On this trip I brought an assistant (Mark), camping chairs, my D50 to play with while the D90 shot the time-lapse images and a backup plan.
The main site I wanted to see was Horton Tower, a tower built in the 1700's but if the weather was too poor for shots or we couldn't get near enough to the tower I had alternate locations to scope out light pollution and accessibility for future shoots.

One surprise was that the tower is lit on the inside which worked out quite well in the end as it gives some shape to the silhouette. Unfortunately though as most of the clear sky was during the lighter hours of the evening I didn't get as much of the stars as I'd like and in retrospect I'd rather have angled the shot further east.

The time-lapse video is best viewed if you click on the youtube button and view it on youtube itself.
Once there you can view it in fullscreen which helps compensate for my idiotic error in shooting in portrait but you can also up the resolution of the images.
It's a silent 13 second clip of clouds rolling in/over basically but still another test run that I'm fairly happy with.

Whilst the time-lapse was being shot my friend and I used the D50 to play around painting with light and got the following results.