Sunday, 29 July 2012

Scribble of the week #014

My sketch books are forever filled with random mind-scrawlings and scribbles that will otherwise never be used for anything or be seen by anyone, because of this I bring you "Scribble of the week".

Scribble of the week is a weekly feature(well, bi-monthly at best at the moment) where i'll be posting a random sketch, scribble, design or element from one of my various sketch books. These will always be unfinished pieces of work and will often, most likely, be very random.

This weeks scribbling is another in my series of character concept.

Her name is Rose. She is a hitman/assassin type who likes to wear bowler hats and go bare-foot.
I've worked on this one on and off for months and just decided to clean a couple of lines here and there and go ahead and post it. I was going to try more than one outfit, specifically on the duplicate pose from behind on the left but I got lazy.
If I do more work on her concept I'll probably start a new piece.

In retrospect this work pretty much sums up my sum ability to draw guns and feet...