Saturday, 21 July 2012

St Aldhelms Head Strike 01

The weather has improved a bit.
Several nights have now been forecast with no clouds and I think I might need to completely re-fabricate my sleeping patterns to make the most of it without wiping me out in the daylight hours for work and parenting.

This evenings location of choice however was a place called St Adhelm's Head.
Once again a location within the Purbecks. It drew my eye as it had the statue seen above. A memorial to the Radar research conducted in the area during the second world war. I felt it's overall design, coupled with it's location, if unlit at night, would lend itself perfectly to the sort of shot I was after and I still believe that would be the case. The only downside was that it was just a little too cloudy. Sadly the forecast for the evening, whilst broadly speaking accurate, did not reflect the reality of events and though a clear night was to be expected a sufficiently inconvenient volume of clouds rolled into shot. As can be seen below.
This above shot is a very noisey shot that I took as a compositional example but turned out to be the best view of the galactic band offered all night.
This shot is an edit-together of a string of five shots that show the trajectory of a satellite.
Eventually the unfortunate cloud cover coupled with a cold wind forced us to move location, slightly disappointed. The location will need revisiting on a clearer night I think.

The resulting time-lapse.

In the Purbecks however, when all hope is lost, I return to an old friend.
Corfe Castle.
This time I've done it a bit more justice than previous trips and even attempted a bit of a photo-stitch.