Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Another night at Horton Tower

Another clear night struck my radar this week and I finally decided to plan a trip to Horton Tower with significantly more fore-sight.
I spent a few hours going over maps and right-of-ways on-line before hitting the location before deciding how I would approach the location.
Last time we started from a foot-style at the bottom of the hill which resulted in about a 20-30 minute walk up the hill in the dark, which felt a little uncomfortable as, even though there are styles and paths they are occupied and functioning farmlands.

However I discovered there is a fairly easily accessible bridle-path that leads right in front of the tower and made reaching the location to shoot very trivial.
The noly problem with the evening was a lot of condensation forming on the lens and making the images go blurry halfway through the night. I noticed it pretty quickly but it is cause for concern.

Anyway, here are some still from the time-lapses I shot. (I'm saving the time-lapses up now for a longer vid in the future)