Friday, 7 September 2012

Photograph of the Week #059

"When not scribbling away in a sketch book or dabbling on a Wacom tablet i'm invariably fiddling around with exposure settings on my Nikon D90 trying to capture moments in aesthetically pleasing ways.
So here we have "Photograph of the week" a (mostly) weekly feature showcasing my favourite photo of the week."

I'm running way to far behind on Photograph of the week this year. It's quite disapointing but, this week I've got something new.
This one is a new experiment that i'm going to play around with some more.
I was on my way home from a friends house late at night when I felt the need to try and shoot some stars over a river/flood-land. It's not a perfect shot of the location and the passing cars cause a massive over-exposure in the middle but the main experiment is above in the sky.

This is my first attempt at purposeful star-trails. The intention was not to get static sharp stars but clear trails that highlight the movement going on. I'm happy with this first experiment though I'll likely retry the location from a different spot next time.