Saturday, 15 September 2012

Star Trails

After the experiment I did in this Photography of the Week blog post I realised I could apply the same effect, retrospectively to the previous series of shots I've done at other locations.

So this blog post is going to be a rehash of previous shots/videos compiled into star-trail image stacks.

St Aldhelms Head:
Corfe Castle:
Horton Tower:
Knowlton Church:
(The two above look different as there was an intermittence between the series of shots where the tripod moved and there was rolling mists that gave different white balance readings.)

Grange Arch:
Each one of these I've got at full resolution for print and wallpaper size but only lower resolution versions are available below.

 How I offer wallpaper versions or print versions will depend on any interest I get, it's likely the wallpaper ones will become available for free at a later date but I'm considering selling prints at some point of some of the tidier images.