Friday, 5 October 2012

A quick trip to Berne

So work sent me to Switzerland this week to do worky things for worky reasons.
The above shot was taken on the train that formed part of the journey to reach Berne, (where the worky things would come to pass).
It is an image of clouds breaking over Lake Geneva which, as lakes go, is pretty big.

That's pretty much all I got for the trip until the final day when I had an hour and thirty minutes before checking out of the hotel to explore Berne, so a quick self planned tour of the Old Town was underway, as can be seen below.
There were only two things I was told about to keep my eye open for. A child eating ogre and a pit full of bears... I didn't find the bears...
I don't know what this game is but I guess someone had forgotten to put it away the last time they played it.
A Gargoyle. I have a thing for gargoyles and wish I could've investigated further to see what else was around. This chap managed to catch my eye without much scrutiny however... Poor chap!
... Enter now the Baby eating ogre fountain!

I'm not sure if the baby eating boogey man fountain is that wierd though as, on my way back to the hotel to check-out I noticed another of the fountains that otherwise looked quite normal bearing a slight... oddity that otherwise might've been missed. ..
... Is that a musket wielding bear-cub?

Finally, one of my favourite shots, clouds breaking over the Alps I believe. I never usually have opportunity to see things like this and it was great to get to capture it in my camera.