Monday, 21 January 2013

Photograph of the "week" #066

"When not scribbling away in a sketch book or dabbling on a Wacom tablet i'm invariably fiddling around with exposure settings on my Nikon D90 trying to capture moments in aesthetically pleasing ways. So here we have "Photograph of the week" a (mostly) weekly feature showcasing my favourite photo of the week."

This is another photostitch image compiled from several shots. I was in a moving vehicle at the time so I thought I would try snapping a series to try and get more background in and give the elephant some context, some surroundings. Ultimately I'm not sure how good it is as a result, once again, after trying to stitch the shots there were lots of gaps but this image does have a lot less editing than some of my previous stitches.

This image was taken early in the morning at Animal Kingdom at Disney World during a family holiday.