Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Light Painting at Badbury Rings

I recently found something in my local supermarket that i've been hunting for, non-committally, for a while now.
I found... glowsticks! Not just any glowsticks though but battery powered glowsticks, something i can switch on and off again. A red and a blue one to be precise.

With that and a moderately clear weather report from the met-office I decided to visit Badbury rings and play around painting with light.

I didn't intend to stay out long as it's a "school-night" but I thought I could get a fairly good idea of how it works for future reference if I played around for an hour. I also wanted to get some star shots so I tried to kill two birds with one stone.

Nearly every shot is a bit random and literally just a flapping around of glowsticks.
Any people driving by would be forgiven for thinking a small one man crazy-rave was going on.

The above shot was me trying to go for some depth. So this one is just me walking away from the camera flapping my arms up and down with the glowsticks in hand.
The red one was set to flashing mode and the blue one was permanently on.

The above shot is my attempt at spelling ut a word (Tricky).
It wasn't until about halfway through the letter "T" I realised I had to write it backwards and later when I was halfway through the letter "K" I realised there wasn't enough hill for me to do the "Y" properly without falling with a bone-snapping end.
Just as in snow you have to do snow-angels with glowsticks one must do light-angels...