Saturday, 27 April 2013

A moon-lit evening at Winspit Quarry

So, another new amazing location found on the Jurassic Coast, this one is Winspit Quarry.
On this trip I was joined by two fellow photographers, Chris and Shaun. (Who found and suggested this location and joined me on two recent trips.)

It's a fairly short walk from Worth Matravers and not quite where we expected after having spent quite a while reviewing google maps.
When we hit this sign(left), we turned left as a nearly full moon rose(That's the moon not the sun), which does lead down to the water but was not much use to us. We couldn't find any of the apparent ruined structures that could be seen from the satellite imagery, only some slightly treacherous looking climbs down to the rocks.

So, failing there and deciding not to explore the beach below due to the tide being in and the rocks being uneven and slippery we tried turning right at the sign. Where very shortly after we were greeted by the most amazing sight!

An opening in the cliff side to a  great hollow filled with ruins and lined with caves all lit by the right moon light. There was so much potential we didn't know where/how to start.

Regrettably I didn't get a shot as we arrived to show what we saw but it probably wouldn't be that impressive as a photo it just would've been nice too have to document the occasion.
Here is a panoramic shot of the area though .
Due to the volume of images and the inclusion of some animations I've broken this post up so please click the link to read further:

The moonlight was practically full so the light it provided was impressive. It blotted out all the stars sadly but it lit the environment like a subtle daylight allowing the brightest stars to shine through what would otherwise appear to be a daylit sky.

I start out by practically ignoring the cliffs and caves themselves as Shaun and Chris were still exploring it and flash lights and torches at it so I thought I'd have a whirl at a time-lapse star-trail of the moon rising over the sea.

... But I got too excited about all the possibilities so quickly moved onto shooting in the cave. I ended up spending quite a long time positioning and repositioning glow-sticks in the cave to give it the kind of ambient light I was aiming for.

After a little walking around we found a raised level, behind the ruined buildings where we could shoot from an elevated vantage point at either teh quarry itself or the shorelines.
Here is a shot of Shaun setting up on it followed by some shots I took from up there myself.

Noticing the tide had headed out slightly we headed down to the beach.
The following shot is of the little path we actually took to get down.
The following shots are from on the rocky-shelf that we spent the remainder of the evening down below the quarry directly under the cliff edge I shot the moon rise images above.

These last few shots are from the rocky ledge but with some more glow-stick experimentation.
The aim was to play with reflections off of the rock-pools and still wet rocky surfaces. The only problem was the rocks were so wet they were dangerously slippery, it takes a certain blend of idiot to try and do what I was doing in the dark on such slippery treacherous surfaces and I am exactly that kind of idiot! :)
I wouldn't have done it if I didn't have two other people there with me though.