Monday, 22 April 2013

Glowsticks on the Jurassic Coast and the clouds part over Lulworth

Another clear night presents itself on a non-school night and so a friend and I decided to try a shoot out.
Not having visited the south coastal areas for a while I picked Kimmeridge as that's where the Met-office implied the weather would be good.

As it turns out the clouds came in thick and fast for the duration so the star shooting was few and far between but it was a beautiful moon-lit night and I was prepared with a pocket full of glowsticks to make the most of the situation.
Following the jump are more images and some animations, to read further please click the link:

I noticed as I flicked through the photos during post-processing that, even though I wasn't expecting a timelapse from this series of shots they work-out to be a fairly nifty uncut summary of the evenings shots. (The only images I removed were ones taken from different angles and using grossly different exposures/settings)

Having finished jumping around with glowsticks in the dark, deciding that the clouds to the south weren't going to get better and that the tide might start trying to wash us away we concluded that it was best to pack up.
Not wanting to waste the evening though we opted for a change of location so we headed to a spot that is relatively near. (A lot nearer when the firing ranges aren't closed)
A familiar location that I'd shot just a couple of weeks prior. The Rear Gatehouse for the Lulworth Castle estate.
The moonlight added some nice ambience to the structure of the building and helps make both an animation and a star-trail image pop a little bit.

Out of curiosity I tried out a couple of photo-stitches of the gatehouse.
In retrospect I probably got too close to the structure as there is a lot of warping but I thought I'd include them here anyway. THey provide a slightly different perspective on the same location.