Thursday, 25 April 2013

Hamworthy and the fog

Tonight I joined a colleague from the office to a local site called Hamworthy in Poole.
The weather wasn't going to be good. All reports were saying that it would be cloudy until it was dark and then it would be foggy so we weren't really intending to do anything other than scout out the location for future use and to work out how dark the skies were, we weren't expecting to come away with any decent shots at all really.

As you can see the site is mostly a heath-land sat on a cliff edge, over looking Poole harbour. It's quite a nice spot, worth revisiting on a clear night for a few reasons but it wasn't until we headed back to the car that we found what we'd end up spending the rest of the night shooting.
A jetty.
The jetty itself was a T-shape, one wide, long boardwalk leading up to two smaller ones on the left and right.
The fog started rolling in and the water was calm and still so the boats reflected well and the nearby docks and harbours lit the fog quite dramatically.

Naturally the glowsticks were put to work!
All in all it's an amazing spot, well worth a revisit on both a clear night and a dramatic sunset.
Expect to see more from here.

Until then though here is one of my favourite shots from the trip.
The chap at the end there taking his own photographs is Shaun, who joined me and suggested the location.