Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Photograph of the "week" #071

"When not scribbling away in a sketch book or dabbling on a Wacom tablet i'm invariably fiddling around with exposure settings on my Nikon D90 trying to capture moments in aesthetically pleasing ways. So here we have "Photograph of the week" a (mostly) weekly feature showcasing my favourite photo of the week."

After I successfully snagged my shot of Panstarrs last night I finally felt free to start experimenting and doing some other things and, as I was at Badbury Rings already I decided to do some exploring. I have never been into the middle before where there is a small wood full of, as it happens, screeching owls and screaming foxes and finally, a stone plinth of some sort that has compass points and visible items marked on a circular metal plate.

I was just playing around really doing a bunch of things just to see what I could do using the glowsticks and torches I have. I really need to start dragging an assistant along with me though as it's quite difficult to synchronise the shots with the torch movements.

The best image of the shoot though is this one I think.