Monday, 27 May 2013

Nine Barrow Down - Obelisk

Tonight myself, my sister and my father went out to a new spot I noticed while browsing google maps during my initial route planning for the Agglestone trip.

Again this was just a scouting run, primarily to find the location and secondly to assess it for future use.
It's up on the top of one of several hills in the  among the Purbeck Hills called Nine Barrow Down and is situated above the town of Swanage.
The Obelisk was apparently originally built in 1883(not sure why) but was later taken down during the War as they were worried it would prove to be a landmark for Air Raids. It was later replaced in 1952, slightly shorter than before as I understand it as one section of it is damaged and put to one side. (It may have been replaced)

As it turns out, it's not the greatest spot. Whilst the Obelisk itself is a nice feature to shoot it's located right between Swanage and Bournemouth/Poole which just nukes the sky with light pollution.

The result of this isn't awful pictures but it is a reduced number of stars and it certainly means I'm not going to get the milkyway so much from here. So I cracked out the glowsticks!

A nice clean spin on the fairy-lights... for comparison the next shgot is just a manic, nun-chuck swinging of the fairy-lights.

Then I finally remembered to try out my laser, which is inexplicably part of my emergency battery pack, which I have in case I need to recharge my phone or something in an emergency.
I'm not keen on the results tbh, I'll play with it more another time though. It's easy to make marks with but it's hard to make something that looks nice. I tried writing my name(ignore the backwards "y") which looks fine but it's very scribbly and messy... and not very interesting really.