Thursday, 4 July 2013

A warm night at Kimmeridge

Tonight I decided to revisit Kimmeridge.
I did my research, the weather looked pleasant, ludicrously so, the sky would be dark(no moon) and the tide would be where I like it. If the tde is too high it totally submerges some of the more interesting rock formations.

Now Kimmeridge is a beautiful spot but I realise now that I've never mentioned how I access the place.
There are primarily two things to know.
1. You can't park in the carpark after dusk-ish
2. You can't walk all the way around Kimmeridge to the bench if the firing ranges are closed

The car park, that you'd otherwise want to use because it's sat right there on the beach basically, is sadly closed which has it's pro's and cons, it's a slight inconvience to have to walk but on the plus side, there is nothing to worry about with the carpark, often late night carpark activities can be a little nerve-racking...
The gate is usually closed or about to be closed when arriving at night and there are plenty of signs to say there is no entry by car but there is a public footpath so it's necessary to park within the village somewhere(sensible) and walk down. This sounds inconvenient and doing it the first time in the dark might be worrying but it's only about a twenty minute walk, it's not bad at all.

I've seen plenty of folks sneak in at night despite the CCTV warnings and signage but they're always promptly kicked out so I wouldn't bother, the residents are quite rightly strict in this regard..
Aside from access there is also safey, there's plenty of signage to warn you on the way in but the cliffs are always eroding and tumbling. It is quite creepy to hear so much activity whilst you're shooting.

Anyway, back to the photography.
This is my first night out with the D600 on a truly dark evening. The temperature was so warm that, for the first time ever, I didn't need to wear a coat or jumper. Such a pleasant evening to listen to the calm waters and watch the universe spin by.
This shot is my first succesful attempt to get stars reflected in water... and I totally didn't realise it at the time. If I had I would have stayed longer and re-framed probably a few dozen different shots trying to get different reflections. But I didn't notice, so I packed up and headed home.

It was a nice surprise when I was post-processing however.

And finally a big portrait shot.