Wednesday, 10 July 2013

... and the fiery glow orbited the great globe...

As the heat wave continues and the good weather abounds I'm forced to head out once more. So far I've been, on average, staying up ill 3-5am to make sure I make the most of these good, starry nights these past ten days and the weather forecasts still look good. I would go out every night if I could but I need to be able to operate during the day too.

Anyway, this pleasant night myself and Shaun returned to Durlston Country Park to shoot the Great Globe in proper dark, not necessarily intending it to be a truly late night.

Based on my previous visit I was quite excited to have a proper run a this location, so here's the first batch of shots.
Then of-course it was time to crack out the lights.
Shaun brought with him some ludicrously powerful, coloured, ring, LED lights that he pulled of some nice ambient lighting with. Several where we shone one colour on the upper-half of the globe and a second on the lower half.
Next up Shaun had the nice idea of orbiting the globe with some of the lights... so I did.

Happy with this batch of shots and yawning at the late night, we decided to head on home to ensure we weren't too exhausted for work the nex day.

On the walk back however we couldn't help but have a stab at shooting the castle itself.
 I didn't process these for a while after as I thought they hadn't come out well when reviewing on the camera but once I got them back on the computer I was very happy with them. Makes me believe there is more potential for other moderately well-lit locations.