Friday, 9 August 2013

Baltic Holiday - Day 2

Day two on the ship was a day at sea and elegant night.

Not many shots to post as we spent most of the day exploring the ship, which includes me not thinking to lug the camera round with me... Any once I thought to carry it around with me again I got the following:

The obligatory "Look at our drinks!" shot that every set of holiday photos must include...
The next three shots were just an experiment.

I've been itching for some star photos for weeks and never expected to be able to grab any on-board the ship or during the trip but thankfully, due to the previous trip to Norway where I, by chance, grabbed a shot that I regretted not exploring further,  I brought my tripod along anyway and tried a few exposures out...

Naturally I set up the camera for a timelapse to see what results I could get for future nights.
Here is the resulting animation.