Saturday, 10 August 2013

Baltic Holidays - Day 3 - Denmark

Day three of the Baltic Cruise aboard the Carnival Legend and we've arrived at a new country.

T'is Copenhagen Denmark.
Pictured above is THE little mermaid of legend. The shot is very touristy, there was a hundred or so people crowding it so I just grabbed the clearest shot I could snag just so I could say I saw it.
A somewhat less clear shot... Less said the better really!

The next few shots are from the Journey made from the Cruise ship to our target destination. Tivoli Gardens!
The window of a stone mason(I guess) shop.
And then... a little late and a little tired from a longer than anticipated walk, we've arrived at the theme park of theme parks, the park that inspired Disney himself. Tivoli Gardens.

It's quite a lot like a Disney theme park but, sort of, in miniature or compacted, the coaster rides are fun and there are some crazy vertigo inducing rides too. There are a couple of spots where there is some old, stale looking 60's/80's-"modern"-block-building  looking boring amongst well kept gardens and themed rides but it was a pleasant day out for the family.
I only snagged a few shots as, much like Disney, you have to move fast to get your moneys worth out of the park but also the ship was only docked for a few hours and the park itself only opened at 11. As usual, the family photos are not included here, just the couple I took of random stuff.
I understand that representing Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens almost entirely with shots of the China-Town themed section of the park might be confusing... but I'm alright with that.

On exiting the park the plan was to grab a bus and/or taxi back to the ship, however due to roadworks outside the park, not speaking the local language and an absence of taxis we were unable to do any of those things, we were able to find a chap riding a cycle-rickshaw.

So it was that we ended up being ferried past all the sights and sounds of Copenhagen, we otherwise would've missed, as we darted between other tourists all whilst listening to our "drivers" radio that played such hit tunes as The Final Countdown by Europe.
There's nothing quite like riding past a few hundred people in a moderately-faster-than-walking-speed, open-air vehicle whilst cheesy 80's music is played loudly!

Anyway once back on board we tried to relax a bit.
A shot of the Harbour we were docked at.

The next few shots are something I always do when possible.
When cruise ships, or I imagine any large ship, is harboured and needs to pull away from a dock they have to displace an awful lot of water. A crazy amount I'm sure. I suspect they have huge pumps specifically for the purpose of moving water from one side of the ship to the side the dock is on.

Anyway, when the lighting is right and the water is being moved in the massive volume such as it is I like to take some high contrast shots and play with the saturation/white-balance a bit.
As a result you can get some great textures.

As we pulled away we were stalked by sea birds.
I don't do much bird photography but gave it a whirl.

Bye bye Copenhagen.

That's me, reflected in the cabin window, with Copenhagen and it's weather behind me.

The sun shines down through the incoming rain clouds.