Sunday, 11 August 2013

Baltic Holidays - Day 4 - Germany/Schwerin

Guten Tag!

Today we're in Germany, docked in a town called Warnemunde.
Most folks get the train to Berlin, (long train journey), do some shopping and come back again at great risk of missing the ship, we however will be visiting a place called Schwerin and having a poke in and around it's castle.

This involved a two stage train trip and a walk through the very pleasant town of Schwerin.
Here's a few shots from that walk.
We had to walk around a lake which I can't believe I haven't got a shot of as it really sets the scene for how picturesque a town this is.

The next set of shots are from the castle and it's grounds. (We didn't go inside until it started raining)
The two heads above were carved into the bases of the lamp-posts that ran along the sides of the bridge that was crossed to approach the castle.
A bit more of one of the lamp-posts above with the castle entrance behind it.
Something about the faces captured my attention I'm not sure what but I found them very photogenic.

The castle entrance in more detail. (In truth I can't remember if this was the front or the back entrance of the castle but it's definately a main approach.)
I hope that captures a feeling for some of what the exterior is like.
What I haven't really communicated is how the castle sits n the middle of a lake, accessed by a bridge. It's surrounded by colourful gardens and even a cave riddled, rocky out-crop.

The following shots are interiors. I'm 50/50 on how interesting these will be...
It's a beautiful castle well worth a visit.

Shortly after we scampered off into town and had lunch + ice cream sundaes before catching the train back to  Warnemunde. We looked around a bit and rode on the ferris wheel, there were several markets selling various touristy things and beer, of course... Germany remember.

Here are some snaps I got before we boarded the ship.
A sand sculpture near the visitor centre. There's a few of these.
Some weather off of the Warnemunde docks.

Before we left this Cruise Ship departed. (The Emerald Princess)
It wasn't until I reviewed the shot in post that I realized there was something going on below deck.

I'm not going to say anything, i'll leave you to come to your own conclusions...
... and then it was gone, shortly followed by ourselves.