Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Baltic Holidays - Day 6 - Day at Sea 2

Another day at sea so not too much to shoot except the sea and any weather that might be happening over it but to be honest.
I find the sea rarely disappoints for impressive views.

Some stormy weather off in the distance.

Time for sunset!

A very wide Panorama. 

I enjoyed a lot of the above photos were fun to snap. the sky was filled with colours. Trying to capture them whilst considering composition and framing, camera settings and such. I'm quite happy with them as a result however I started to identify a problem at this point, It is most noticable in the following shot.
Notice the blotches on the cloud?
Sadly this was not dust on the lens but a defect with my brand new Nikon D600. I'll make a post about this later but it became a nuisance which i wasn't to identify until much later.

Finally! My favourite bit!
I set up my camera at the window of our cabin and captured the following timelapse.