Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Ferris Wheel

After I had finished the marriage of the sea photo shoot. I shot a few other things on the pier.
Sadly it wasn't a clear night so now stars but this ferris wheel was colourful and caught my eye...

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Marriage of the Sea - Bournemouth Arts Festival

Bournemouth Arts Festival The Marriage of the Sea.

I was recently invited, by it's organizers, to an event at the Bournemouth Arts Festival called the Marriage of the Sea.
It's a parade that's loosely based on a Venician tradition but given a very old English kind of a twist.
Everything about the parade would appear much like any other wedding except there was no groom and a hundred or so brides to be wedded to and sacrificed to the Sea. The priests and some of the fashion elements had definite Venician inspirations behind them, otherwise the setting was made to reflect a Victorian era.

The events started in Bournemouth's triangle as a man came out dancing with his "bride" singing a song of the sea, shortly after a Victorian peddler-woman offering various fine wares to mark the occasion came out trailed by surreal music..

Shortly after once again a chimney sweep joined them to see what was going on,as he did so the surreal music grew louder.

The three worked the crowd as the audience gathered further, preparing everyone for the events to come.

Want to see what happens next? Well there are so many images in this post i've had to put it behind a break, click to see the full post: