Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Return to Granch Arch

A clear night and its been far far too long since i made a trip out.
To ease back into the groove of star photography I picked an old spot I knew well.
Grange Arch.

The evening was fairly trouble free, there was a slight threat of clouds and it was a little windy but otherwise pleasant.
I set the camera up in a couple of different spots, aiming in the directions I thought would work best. Played around with some coloured lights when I wanted to get a bit more creative with a splash of colour/light and got the following results.
Finally the above shot was the last sequence of the evening. I wanted to have a proper stab at a north-star spiral.
The arch presents some problems as it has lots of trees behind it that prevent you seeing it's shape as well as I'd like and I didn't hold out much  hope for a good shot either as there were plenty of clouds but, as it turns out, the clouds gave a sort of star-bursty effect to the sky which i'm not unhappy with.