Saturday, 14 June 2014

A pleasant evening at Durdle Door

This is my second trip to Durdle Door.
We were intending to get there in time for sunset but it didn't go quite to plan. I was quite pleased on the drive over as I could see the sky would've been very colourful so i was pleased that i'd identified good conditions for the shoot. Just a bit of a shame we totally failed to get there on time.
Durdle Door is a great spot for night photography but, as with a lot of these nice coastal sites it's not the most accessible location, the walk back up the steep cliff path is a bit hard going at 2am. ;)

Anyway, we set up pretty quickly and, assuming that the moon would be rising over the door in a reasonable amount of time I decided to set up for a timelapse. (it took an hour and a half)
I turned the resulting timelapse into the following animated .gif.

On a side, whilst the timelapse was shooting away I had a little explore around the door and saw something glowing. On investigation it turned out it was a glow worm!
I've never seen a glow worm before, when I first notice the little light I thought it was someone sat in the dark with an e-cigarette or something.
Due to my camera being busy I snapped a photo on my camera, which failed to get anything except a glowy smudge to serve as evidence that it happened. :)
By the time my camera was available the little chap had gone.

After the timelapse I moved onto just trying out different angles that I wasn't terribly happy with and eventually moved on to a bit of "painting with light" using some new tools I got a while ago.
They have a nice effect I think. It's more subtle than the old glowsticks but looks a lot more fluid. I'll post about them in more detail another time when i've played with them a bit more.

We decided to move to the otherside of the Door and see what other kinds of shots we could get. Unfortunately it clouded over a bit so a minimal amount of stars to capture in any shots. There was some visible lightning flashes on the distant horizon but nothing that was captured on camera.

I decided to try and play with lights again.
The shots with the blue lights are not as good as I'd like but there is lots of potential. I've got a lot of ideas on things to do with it and the final shot was an attempt at some nice milky white water, I was happy with the shot but I wanted more colour than the night sky could reasonably provide.

Big thanks to Shaun Vye over at for keeping me company, go have a look at his shots and version of events.