Monday, 23 June 2014's Four Round Photo Challenge - Round 1

So GizmodoUK are running there usual photo challenge but, as it's an anniversary fro their challenges they've spiced it up by adding four rounds over a four week period. 

I thought I'd make a proper effort to be involved in this challenge, see if I can't score a point or two along the way.
The thing is, whilst the challenge itself demands a single "best shot" for the week along the way i'll likely make a couple, potentially that I might have difficulty choosing from. 
I figured, why not post what my short lists were.

So here we go, my shortlisted-entries for Round 1 were:

A lady bird that I found trying to escape from the lawnmower or one of the shots from my trip to Stone Henge.

My end choice was this one.
What do you think? Was there a better Stone Henge shot? Were the ladybird shots better?