Monday, 30 June 2014's Four Round Photo Challenge: Round 2

So the GizmodoUK four-round photo challenge continues in to Round 2.
I did not rank high enough in Round 1 for points but still 3 more to play for.

This weeks selection to choose my best shot from are:
All of the above were shot in the earlier part of the week.

Towards the end of the week I begun planning to make use of a clear night at Durdle Door, I won't repost them here but my two considerations for putting forward was one of two shots

This shot of the Door itself with a beautifully colourful, Milky Way lit, sky as a backdrop...

 And the resulting entrant of the Milky Way over Man o' War Bay.

Hopefully I picked the right one to give me the best chances, would you have picked differently?
We shall see how I fare against the competition this week.

I managed to get a point this round. To see the competition and the results click here.
Now to work out what to shoot for Round 3.