Thursday, 10 July 2014

Blacklights, Tapes's and Powder-Smeared faces,

Just a quick update today as I have two new bits of equipment to experiment with.

These aren't great shots, i Just couldn't resist the urge to see what I could do with them.
First up was some "El Tape", much the same as the El Wire I've been using recently, except this tape is flat and broad, like a ribbon shape, it is also firmer. One problem I have with El Wire is it likes to curl up more than i'd like, this stuff however you can whip about in more intentional directions.

These are just a few experiments in my lounge, there's no attempt at keeping the camera level or doing anything specific with them, it's just an exercise to work out how the light paints itself in difference to the wire.

Next up is some more blacklight experimentation. This time instead of paints I found you could get the powdered stuff before it's mixed into a paint. You get slightly different effects using it and it's much easier to capture some details/textures using powder than it is a liquid paint that will find crevices/wrinkles/etc.
I only spent a short while on this and had problems with focusing again but I could see well enough the effects I can get using the powder.(Much as I'd like)
These are the best shots I got, which is not to say that they're good. 

... and the obligatory, in normal-light shot.
... I don't really smile much.