Friday, 11 July 2014

Bright Nights at Lulworth and the Studland Plan B

Very simple trip out today down to the south coast.

The weather was NOT promising so I was not optimistic of too much but a view of the Milkyway would've been nice, sadly an almost full moon ruined that plan. (Forgot to check Stellarium again)

I did bring some extra gear with me though, inclusive of a glass ball I wanted to experiment with.

The run was a little bit of a fail but see below my experiments with the ball. (It would've been nice to get the milkyway in it.)

After ruling out that location due to it being far too windy we decided to move on down to another spot which also had a Milkyway plan attached to it, which we'd written off, but I wanted to see what I could do with the decking that forms a path over some marshy boggy area before the beaches at Studland.

I cracked out the glowsticks, it's been a while...
It was clear that i'd gotten my focusing a bit wrong here so I moved and refocused and got the next set of shots...
I was quite happy with the spiral I got out of this shot.

The lighting, provided by the moon, with a little help from my torch, was really nice this evening but it was incredibly late,(for a work night) so we headed home.

Finally this is a shot I got of Shaun getting a shot of glowsticks reflected over a pool of sea water on the beach. We spent a while on the beach but I wasn't happy with any of the shots I got excepting this one, which I quite liked, probably because it's made more interesting by someone else doing something in it.
Head over to his site to see more of his work.