Monday, 14 July 2014

Gizmodo Four Round Photo Challenge: Round 4 (Final)

So then, final round of the GizmodoUK shooting challenge where I've really got to aim for a 1st place to have a chance at a win really.

It's been a tough week balancing work/family and social commitments so have had to stick to 'studio' work for the most part with one exception where a "mostly" clear night became available mid-week where we stayed out significantly later than we should have on a work-night

My short-listed shots that were taken between 00:01 Monday the 7th to 23:59 Sunday the 13th(Literally the last shot was taken at 23:59).

UPDATE: So I entered the "red spiral along the decking" shot and got myself a third place leaving me at an overall joint second place at the end of the contest. I'm quite happy with that. Would've been nice to win but it's cool to have done so well next to other great photography, head over and check out the other great entries here.