Monday, 7 July 2014

Pandora's cookie jar...

The weather is still not so great here and I've still got an itch to shoot something so I decided to follow through with what I said in my past blog post where I tried out a new tool for light painting called 'EL Wire' which is electroluminescent wire.

It's neat stuff that is exactly what it sounds like. Wire that is luminescent when electricity is run through. Pretty simple really.
As I said before it has a nice sort of misty feel to it and I've been wanting to do some smokey type effects with it but my attempts at using it on my night time sites have been hit and miss so I wanted tome practice to see what I could get in a controlled setting.

The top image was an early shot using just 1 blue El Wire. The next few shots are experiments trying to mix two different colours. (green and blue)

The next shot involved some slightly quicker, wavier movements.
The effect looks a bit like that of a greeny/blue fire exploding out of the jar, not very well composed though.

Returning toa  single colour for a while...
As you can see you can get quite a few different effects depending on how you move the wire.
I found by this point however that the wires that i bought(cheaply) were not of the greatest quality, i'd had lots of problems previously but the connections are so loose they're constantly just switching off and sometimes requiring lots of adjustments to switch back on again.

After a short break I broke into multiple colours again.

... And finally a bit of solo-green wire.