Monday, 22 September 2014

Infrared at Kingston lacey

A family day out at the fancy National Trust estate called Kingston Lacey.

I decided to challenge myself with infrared by bringing only the infrared camera with me.

I didn't have any real plan as such, just wanted to see what I could do. I did have hopes there would be some vast green lawns that I could frame the house with.

The very first shot achieves something along the lines of what I was after and the very last similarly so.

I'm pretty happy with the results. I certainly learnt a lot more about what to aim for and what conditions are best. Cloud coverage can drastically impact a shot, not to mention I learnt a bunch of settings I shouldn't really use.

This is a shot facing away from the house showing the road that leads up to the it. The infrared gives the sky a dramatic presence and the tarmac of the road an appearance not unlike a river through snow.

The interiors of the house have less of a noticeably dramatic impact in IR except in the few occasions where you can see some house plants are clearly quite pale white where in a normal shot they'd likely be a darker grey.

You'll notice with this shot and some future ones that there is a bit of a circular glare mid frame. Apparently some lenses are good for IR and some suffer from this. Apparently my lenses suffer from it. It is avoidable in most cases by adjusting the f/stop however but it is reducing some options.

A cat sleeping in the laundry house.

These are nearing  the sorts of shots I've been looking to get. Nice white, foliage in the foreground standing infront of a dramatic sky behind.

I could shoot trees like this all day

The house itself as shot from it;s main law.


Last shot! Two bored cherubs staring into an empty urn...
That's about it, the family had a nice day out and I came away with some shots I coudl be happy with, looking forward to playing with this camera some more.