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德国及其周边国家City Nightline夜火车

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CityNightLine (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

1. 国家: 瑞士、奥地利、德国、荷兰

2. 线路 :

3. 简介:
豪华舱: 二人包厢内设衣橱、座椅、舱桌、卫生间和淋浴
4. 价格:点到点火车票和欧洲火车通票持有者搭乘 CNL 夜火车只需补交订位费即可乘坐。

— 搭乘 CNL 夜火车要求订位,价格和火车时刻以出票时查询为准。
— 一等舱和豪华舱为您提供一顿免费早餐,其他舱位的客人可在餐吧购买早餐。
— 购买往返票或团队乘坐 CNL 将享受一定优惠。
— 儿童价格:16 岁以下儿童可享受半价优惠,有成人陪同的 6 岁以下儿童不占床位和座位可免费搭乘 CNL 火车。儿童订位费价格同成人价格。
— 持有一等舱欧洲优惠通票和一等舱点到点车票的乘客,乘坐一人包厢火车可享受优惠。
— 在国外订位有可能与在国价格不同。

CityNightLine - luxury night trains with special air-cushioned stabilizers. No other means of transport is as comfortable and stress-free as CityNightLine. All comfort classes, from Deluxe and Economy sleepers and couchettes to reclining seats and a bar and lunge care, are offered on almost all routes. The experience you will never forget!

Sleeping Car:
‘Deluxe’ spacious compartments for 1 or 2 persons have comfortable beds, a private shower, toilet, table with two chairs and panorama windows. A welcome drink and a lavish breakfast are included and room service is available until midnight.
‘Economy’ compartments for 1, 2 or 4 persons are furnished with comfortable beds and washing facilities. Breakfast is served in the compartment.
Couchette car:
Comfortable couchettes for 4 or 6 persons are equipped with sleep sheet, pillow and quilt. Each compartment has a side window, reading lamp and storage space for luggage. Ladies only compartments can be booked up to 3 days before departure.
Relaxation car:
Reclining seats with plenty of legroom have an adjustable backrest and a reading lamp in the headrest. Quilts and pillows (for a surcharge) are available.
Bar and Lounge car:
The Bar and Lunge car provides a tasty snack or a light dinner until 02:00 h. The 1000 Stars Bar with comfortable stools is the perfect place to enjoy a nightcap. 
First Class Ticket are required for Deluxe and Economy Single.
Eurail Passes are accepted (please make sure that your Pass covers the entire section)
All the compartments have air conditioning and are non-smoking. Smoking however is permitted in the bar.
Bicycles can be transported on almost all CityNightLine routes. Bicycles of all categories are transported for a fixed rate of EUR 10.00 (EUR 8.00 within Germany). Bicycle spaces have to be reserved in advance.
General luggage and sports equipment such as skis, snowboards and golf clubs can be carried free of charge on all routes. A transport charge of EUR 15.00 will be levied for each item of luggage which is not directly required for travel purpose.
For passengers with a disabled person’s ID, the Pollux, Pegasus, Komet and Berliner lines have a special couchette compartment suitable for wheelchair users with fully equipped bathroom facilities. The disabled person requires reservation for the category concerned.
For further information please contact our website www.citynightline.ch

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