About wip-tricky...

Wip-tricky.com is the personal blogging space of Chris Tomkins.

This site is the sister site to www.trickydesign.co.uk which is my professional and often redesigned web portfolio.

The purpose of this blog is to document and showcase the processes, the works in progress and the varied unfinished scribblings and musings that litter my sketch books and desktops.

I have been designing, scribbling, illustrating, photographing, 3D modelling, web design and animating for about a decade now for various reasons and purposes but number one among them was the will to create.

I paint metaphorically and literally in various ways, for various reasons with both a digital and traditional brush. Whether for webdesign, graphic-design, design for print, illustrated commission or animated shorts I will happily jump in feet first to flex my creative muscle.

With such a varied skillset however a lot of projects and personal projects get forgotten about and lost as I concentrate on newer horizons, hence why wip-tricky exists, to revive nad relive old projects, to make me hunt through sketch books to make 'scribble of the week' posts, set out to try new things with regular 'photograph of the week' articles and generally just document some of my creative activities, professional and otherwise.

In the fullness of time I'd like to use wip-tricky to provide design resources like tutorials, stock graphics, useful links etc for those that should want such things.